That was the question I had to ask myself for my session with the H family. Many people remember them from last year in their rich red outfits with the beautiful fall colors. M was in love with his trains and brought one of his beloved trains that happened to also coordinate in the great red color. Since then, I’ve also done their maternity session at this park and their wonderful newborn session when J was born. So when Mom and I talked about doing their family fall session, she said she was excited to see what I would do and how could I top last year. Tall order since it was just such a wonderfully memorable session.

We arrived at the park with the sun still up but at this time of the year, that sun disappears fast!! It was a little chilly, but the kids were well coordinated in handsome sweaters and vest. M, I just love him! He is so full of life and loves to smile. He cracks me up, saying “cheeeeeeeeese” a million times. He has the biggest smile and oh how he loves his little brother!

Here are a few shots from their session and don’t forget to check out their fusioned video at the end. I am really thrilled with it. As I said at the beginning of the season, I’m trying it out and practicing with it, trying to get better and better with each session. I’m trying a new software and I love how it turned out. And I know, it’s the same song again, but I love it! I will be searching for new songs to license for next year, but for now, it’s just so appropriate for these fun family sessions I’ve done this year!